Architektenkammer Berlin / DE


The new head offices of the Berlin Chamber of Architects were
developed in an architectural gem from 1929/1930 designed
by Erich Mendelsohn. For the refurbishment of the listed building
an open architectural competition was held. The competition
winners, Thomas Richter and Daniel Dickmann from the
“urbane prozesse” architectural practice took on the project
and created interior spaces of exceptional quality. The overall
design approach was driven by respect for the original Mendelsohn
designs and a desire to implement modern standards
of resource- and energy-efficiency.

Fitted cupboards and shelving units are a characteristic design
element. Their contemporary aesthetic creates an open and
communicative space while entering into a dialogue with the
architecture of the listed building. Existing room layouts were
mostly retained, with only the subtlest of interventions to
achieve the working space requirements of a modern office. For example, the foyer in the east wing was remodelled, adopting
a subtle zoning approach, so reception and cloakroom
areas no longer restrict the space. The resulting generous
new space can be used for a variety of events and functions.
Clever, space-saving designs are in evidence everywhere:
for example, the wardrobe doubles up as a projection screen
and storage unit for AV equipment. The foyer also gives direct
access to the president’s suite, as well as the directors’ and
legal advisor’s offices. In the seminar rooms, the wall to the
east was replaced by a moveable partition wall to give more
flexibility in room set-up and size. The original fitted cupboards
in cherry wood veneer were preserved, lending a warm atmosphere
to the space. Old and new form a successful symbiosis
with the building and with each other.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Berlin
Client: Architektenkammer Berlin, D
Architect: Erich Mendelsohn; Sanierung: büro urbane prozesse, Thomas Richter, Daniel Dickmann, Berlin, D
Address: Alte Jakobstraße 149, Berlin, D
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