Bibliothek Malden / NL


In the middle of the public library in the Dutch town of Malden
stands a “book tree”, inviting children to play away to their
hearts‘ content. A far cry from the hushed atmosphere that
generally prevails in such buildings. This library follows a quite
different concept to the traditional library. Apart from serving
as a room in which to read, it is also intended as a place for
meetings, presentations and diverse activities. The library‘s facilities
are tailored precisely to its target group – small families,
the older generation and intellectuals.
The glazed façade and the interior design aim to entice
passers-by into the library. Virtually all the interior fittings can
be moved around to suit the users‘ needs, and almost 80 % of
the library can be cleared to create copious space. Surfaces
in different colours serve to guide users around the interior and
identify different functions, making it much easier to find the
issuing desk, copier, printer, the information desk and the entrance to the café. The mixture of rich blue, bright yellow,
black and white lends the library‘s interior a congenial atmosphere.
As such, this building lacks the aloof coolness of
similar buildings. Visitors are free to take their time browsing
through the works on offer or to enjoy a chat.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: The Netherlands / Malden
Client: Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid, Malden, NL
Architect: Stok en Stok Architecten, Utrecht, NL
Address: Kloosterhof 1, Malden, NL
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