Bildungszentrum St. Kilian Heilbronn / DE


In September 2007, on the former US Army site on Stuttgarter Straße in Heilbronn, the St. Kilian Centre of Learning was inaugurated. The all-day school, which consists of a primary and a secondary school as well as a grammar school, now has space for more than 1,000 pupils. For their plan, the architects Broghammer Jana Wohlleber had to take into consideration above all the difficult location at the heavily frequented arterial road: they designed a 120 by 70 metres twostorey building which shields itself towards Stuttgarter Straße as well as to the north and the south with a light-coloured, closed brick façade. Whereas the brick wall surrounds the school like a protective wall, the façades towards the total of five courtyards are completely glazed. The access routes on the inside resemble those of a small town: two main hallways with cul-de-sacs lead like streets between the courtyards to the different wings of the complex.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Germany / Heilbronn
Client: Stiftung Freie Katholische Schule der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Rottenburg, D
Architect: Broghammer Jana Wohlleber
Address: John-F.-Kennedy-Straße 21, Heilbronn, Deutschland
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