Blindenschule Regensburg / DE


Children who are visually impaired and have several handicaps are to find an appropriate environment for “living and learning” in the new school in Regensburg. Accessibility everywhere was therefore one of the client’s principal demands. Like a comb, the one- to maximal two-storey buildings are built into the slightly sloping terrain. The building is designed as a part of the topography and the façade materials of wood and brick also correspond to this concept. Via a ramp, one gets into the polygonal front yard of the school; straight ahead, the entrance leads into the two-storey “head” of the building. Apart from through the courtyard, the different forms as well as the boarding school can also be accessed through their own foyers. Inside, all the building wings are accessed from one side only and thus the hallways as well always relate to the outside.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Germany / Regensburg
Client: 106 107 Bildung | Education Bauherr Owner:
Architect: Georg Scheel Wetzel Architekten, Berlin
Address: An der Brunnstube 31, Regensburg, Deutschland
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