Das Grüne Haus Hinnerup / DK


To enable them to provide the latest standards in medical care,
six doctors in a suburb of Aarhus in Denmark decided to set
up a new medical centre. The concept goes beyond that of a
traditional group surgery with several general practitioners:
the new centre also offers related services alongside, providing
patients with a wide range of medical care.
Situated at the edge of a residential housing area, the new
building catches the eye due to its unusual colour: the prepatinated
copper façade strongly contrasts with the yellow
brickwork of the surrounding houses. The outer form of the
building, too, stands out from its immediate environment.
Instead of the usual gabled or hipped roof, the building uses
strictly geometrical forms.
The building sits sideways on a gentle slope. The entrance is
to the south, at street level. The reception area is on the floor
above and is accessed by lift or stairs. The consultation and treatment rooms are alongside each other on the same level.
All rooms have a continuous band of high windows towards
the internal corridor, supplying this with daylight. The wide corridor
gives access to the various treatment rooms and admin
areas. It also contains kitchen, washrooms and the reception
area. A staff room is situated at the eastern end of the building.
Danish weather permitting, a generously sized terrace is available
to use during break times.

Further information

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Healthcare
Country/City: Denmark / Hinnerup
Client: Hinneruplægerne - doctor‘s practice, DK
Architect: Vesthardt Arkitekter, Aarhus, DK
Address: Herredsvej 25, Hinnerup, DK
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