Dreifeldhalle Reiferbahn Schwerin / DE

The new “Reiferbahn” sports hall is located on a busy road
leading to Schwerin town centre. The building situated on the
outskirts of the town serves primarily as a gymnasium for the
“Fridericanum” high school and as a facility for Schwerin‘s
municipal sports club.
The cuboid building is surrounded by a housing development,
a converted barracks from the 19th century and an inner-city
wasteland area. This is somewhere to be passing through, not
a place to linger. The cubic form and façade derive from the
building‘s urban context – the heterogeneity of the setting and
“placelessness” as defined by Aldo Rossi.
A “skirt” of aluminium mesh panels encloses the sports hall.
The vertical development of this outer “skin” is oriented such
that it always appears as a flat, reflective surface with a silvery
sheen when viewed from the right. When viewed from the left,
the surface reveals a scale-like, three-dimensional quality. The main façade on the side facing the road differs from
the other three: only here do the aluminium panels feature a
wave-like design, arching out into the public space. These
waves are punctuated by a rhythmic arrangement of window
openings whose opaque glazing ensures a glare-free view. In
the evening hours the openings release light from inside the
building, providing the outside world with an intimation of the
activities within. The interior of the sports hall is functional and
business-like. Its design is fully in line with the requirements of
the sporting activities which take place inside the building.

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Product: Linoleum
Country/City: Germany / Schwerin
Client: Landeshauptstadt Schwerin, D
Architect: Jäger Jäger Architekten, Schwerin, D
Address: Reiferbahn, Schwerin, D
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