Förderschule Westerwel Tilburg / NL


SBO stands for speciaal basisonderwijs and is a school for children with learning difficulties and learning disorders. The new building of the primary school in Tilburg, west of Eindhoven, is the result of years of co-operation of two schools with different emphases in the special schools sector, which in the SBO Westerwel are finally united under one roof. The Dutch office Rienks Architecten in Breda was commissioned with the planning and realisation of the project. They designed an ensemble which, in four building parts, contains a total of 24 classrooms – a spatial programme which allows the pupils because of their learning difficulties much space and calm for concentrating and developing. The four parts of the building were designed to look very bright and airy, according to the architects, by being cut and pulled apart lengthwise and crosswise. This created additional space and a lot of room for the only 15 pupils per class. The layout envisages a double-hallway structure which positions the classrooms towards the outside wall and, between the two hallways, has space for rooms with secondary uses. While three of the four parts of the building were constructed with bricks, the multi-function sports hall stands out from them as simple and cool with its matte, black shell. The non-bearing glass façade serves of the school as noise protection and, since it reflects the sky, to a certain degree dissolves the building edges. The interior is considerably more colourful: red, blue, orange and green define the different functional areas and support the feeling of belonging as well as having recognition value in the ensemble. The floor also shines – not only on sunny days – with DLW linoleum in shades of yellow, orange and green.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: The Netherlands / Tilburg
Client: SSOT Stichting Speciaal Onderwijs Tilburg (Stiftung für spezielle Schulenn in Tilburg), NL
Architect: Marcel Snellenberg, Rienks Architecten
Address: Bladelstraat 3, Tilburg, NL
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