Gemeindezentrum Erlöserkirche Leipzig / DE


Since the destruction of the historic Erlöserkirche (Church
of the Redeemer) in the Second World War, the church
activities of the Protestant-Lutheran parish in the Leipzig
city district of Thonberg had to be moved into provisional
rooms. With the new building of the community centre, all
activities can once again take place in one location. In
addition to a church with a vestry and a gallery, the building
ensemble also has various group, administrative and
secondary rooms. Based on a square layout, the building
elements are designed in different heights. The church and
the bell tower stand out most due to their dimensions and
become city landmarks. Inside as well, the church is distinct
from the other rooms: a circular band of glass – a reference
to the traditional topic of coloured church windows
– immerses the room in a colourful light.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Leipzig
Client: Evangelisch-Lutherische Erlöserkirchengemeinde, Leipzig, D
Architect: Architektengemeinschaft Ulf Zimmermann, Dresden, D
Address: Dauthestraße 1a, Leipzig, D
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