Gemeindezentrum Großziethen / DE


Directly opposite the medieval church in the village of
Großziethen southeast of Berlin stands the new community
centre designed by the architect Klaus Block. The building
on the central village green mediates between the next-door,
extensive school from the year 1900 and the small-scale rural
buildings. In its structure, the new building is orientated on
the typical three- and four-sided farmsteads: the useable surfaces
are arranged in four wings around a courtyard which
opens in the direction of the village church. Also with regard
to the materials, the building enters into a dialogue with its
surroundings: in the style of the neighbouring church, the
architect chose hand-made bricks for the exterior walls.
Inside, on the other hand, exposed concrete determines the
atmosphere. Here are the foyer, a stage room, a hall with 130
seats as well as rooms for working with children and young
adults, the community office and a small café.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Schönefeld-Großziethen
Client: Gemeindekirchenrat der evangelischen Kirchengemeinde, Großziethen, D
Architect: Klaus Block Architekt, Berlin, D
Address: Alt-Großziethen 40, Schönefeld-Großziethen, D
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