Grundschule El Isla Christina Huelva / ES


Children are avid explorers, developing their senses as they
discover the world anew each day. ArEA's Architects designed
this nursery with children‘s essentially inquisitive nature in
mind. Right angles or standardised window levels are conspicuous
by their absence here.
The nursery consists of various elements arranged in the
manner of slices of cake with the point sliced off. Nearly all of
these elements accommodate two rooms for the children.
Toilets and a kitchenette are assigned to each room. The gaps
between the individual elements form an inner corridor as
well as patios at the sides of the elements. A number of small
play areas additionally enhance the quality of the corridor
as an outside setting. The overall ensemble features a host
of unexpected light scenarios and unusual views into and
out of the buildings, with the aim of developing the children‘s
perceptual skills.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Spain / Huelva
Client: Empresa Municipal de Isla Cristina S.A., E
Architect: ArEA Arquitectura de Escala Abierta, Sevilla, E
Address: C/Semanario la Higuerita – C/Emiliano Cabot, Isla Cristina, Huelva, E
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