Harpa Konzert- und Konferenzzentrum Reykjavic / IS


The concert hall and conference centre, completed in 2011, is
part of a comprehensive urban planning project for revitalising
the docks area. Surrounded by the sea and the Icelandic
mountains, the new Harpa concert house represents the
boundary between land and sea. In the course of the revitalisation
the eastern Reykjavik harbour is to acquire a newlydesigned
square with hotels, retail, educational facilities and
mixed industry. The planners hope that this will produce a
revitalisation of the area and a stronger connection to the city
Similar to other international projects, the new concert hall
and conference centre is intended to become an icon of the
Reykjavik skyline. The building’s external appearance was
modelled on nature: the individual elements of the glass
façade are reminiscent of a cross-section through basalt rock.
The reflections on the façade cause the building to blend into its environment and seem to cast doubt on structural certainties.
Due to this impression of vanishing and lightness the
building, which is actually quite substantial, merges into the
Icelandic landscape.
The entire complex comprises several elements. A generous
entrance foyer welcomes the visitors. The three largest halls
are directly adjacent to one another. Their visitors’ entrance is
in the south, whilst the backstage area is located in the north.
A multi-function hall on the first floor is intended for more private
events. The differently installed elements assure that the
complex has space for every requirement.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Iceland / Reykjavic
Client: Austurnhofn TR – East Harbour Project Ltd., Reykjavik, IS
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects, Kopenhagen, DK
Address: Reykjavik, IS
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