Hauptgeschäftsstelle SOLON SE Berlin / DE


The management of this manufacturer of solar modules and
solar power plant systems chose a plot at the southern tip of
the Adlershof science park in Berlin as the location for the new
corporate headquarters. The new premises comprise an
administrative building with 8,000 m² of floor space, a building
for small-scale production and research comprising 19,000 m²
and 3,000 m² of production-related office premises. The
specified architecture was intended to promote communication
among the workforce and to enable flexible responses to
changes at the company while also serving as a model of
energy efficiency. The large roof spanning the entire administrative
building is designed to symbolise the headquarters‘
essential character. It descends from 15 m, dictated by the
maximum permissible building height, to 3 m at the tip of the
site. The building‘s exterior lends it emblematic status for the
visitors from the surrounding region. The property‘s layout gives rise to a garden which is open to
the public. The individual buildings are accessed via the
middle of the complex. The large common roof is greened
and provided with terraces, offering employees an outside
environment in which they can go about their work, discuss
matters with colleagues or take a break. The roof is punctuated
by five courtyards and eight staircases. This ensures a
supply of daylight to the rooms and swift access to the roof
from anywhere throughout the complex. The open-plan
offices resulting from the interior layout are divided up by
service boxes. This results in flowing transitions, by way of a
departure from the traditional open-plan office. The curved
roof, the sweep of the façade towards the garden, the
courtyards of varying heights and the service boxes give rise
to a variety of different room scenarios.


Product: Linoleum
Segment: Office
Country/City: Germany / Berlin
Client: SOLON SE, Berlin, D
Architect: Schulte-Frohlinde Architekten, Berlin, D
Address: Am Studio 16, Berlin, D
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