Internat der Handwerkskammer Bernau / DE


After the Bauhaus building in Dessau, the school of the Federation of Trade Unions in Bernau, which since 2007 is the boarding school of the Educational Centre of the Berlin Chamber of Trade, is the second large school building designed and planned at the Bauhaus. Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer won the competition that was held and built the teaching institution in 1929/30 which is also a boarding school for trade union officials in the middle of a landscape of forests close to Berlin. They designed a de-centralized complex of functionally autonomous buildings: a common wing with a dining hall and an auditorium, separate residential buildings for pupils and teachers as well as the school building. A glass hallway in the west connects the buildings and serves as the backbone of the whole complex. The materials and the construction were also chosen from functional points of view: the supporting structure of reinforced-concrete frames remains visible on the outside as well as the inside. Together with the wall infills of yellow brick and the glass areas – some of them bevelled glass – clearly defined, functional structures are created. In addition to the natural-finish surface structures, in the interior a sophisticated colour concept is providing accents: materials such as linoleum, glas and wallpaper serve as a guiding system for the pupils and the teachers. That the building ensemble to this day has been in large parts conserved in its original condition is owed to the renovation by the Brenne association of architects who converted the building into a boarding school. They largely removed the annexes and conversions added after 1945 and exposed again building parts which had been hidden. But wherever it was necessary, the architects also added something new: the new main entrance of steel and glass or the southeast wall in the foyer designed with eternit panels are clearly noticeable as added building elements.


Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Berlin
Client: Allgemeiner Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund / Handwerkskammer Berlin, D
Architect: Hannes Meyer / Hans Wittwer; UMbau: Winfried Brenne Architekten
Address: Hannes-Meyer-Campus 1, Bernau, Deutschland
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