Internationale Akademie Amman / JOR


The International Academy was founded in 2004 by Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan as part of her organization Jordanian Education Society. In the west part of Amman, in the direct vicinity of the King Hussein Park, Symbiosis Design 2008 had a new building constructed for the school which accommodates up to 900 pupils. Several sculptural structures were arranged on the site in such a way that a wide variety of outdoor spaces resulted, for instance for breaks. Inside, on 32,000 square metres there are, in addition to class rooms, a cafeteria and an auditorium, also a theatre with 450 seats as well as a conference centre, a sports hall and an indoor pool. The limestone building combines modern style with traditional Arab architecture: while the shapes of the building look modern and sculptural, the limestone and the enclosed construction method remind of the architecture typical of the region.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Jordan / Amman
Client: Jordanian Education Society, Amman, JOR
Architect: Symbiosis Designs Ltd., Abdel Raheem Alhaj Moh'd St.
Address: Khair Street, King Hussein Parks, Amman, JOR
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