Kieferorthopädische Praxis Mundwerk Berlin / DE


In April 2009, the orthodontic practice Mundwerk was inaugurated on the first floor of a medical building in Berlin- Zehlendorf. The basic design idea of the Berlin office LED Architekten was to assign the continents Asia, North America, Africa, Oceania and Australia to the different practice areas. For each of the five themes, its own colour range together with materials and accessories was developed: while the reception with the colours orange and green is assigned to Asia, the office spaces in shades of grey are orientated on major cities of North America. With their choice of colours and materials, the two large treatment rooms remind of Africa and Oceania, while the rooms for osteopathy, physiotherapy and speech therapy take the patients to Australia. All the treatment rooms are equipped with linoleum floors in corresponding colours.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Healthcare
Country/City: Germany / Berlin
Client: Dr. Micheal K. Thomas, Berlin, D
Architect: LED Architekten (Frau Birgit Kolb)
Address: Clayallee 330, Berlin, Deutschland
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