Kindergarten Børnehuset Birkemosen


Børnehuset Birkemosen nursery school is situated approximately 20 km to the north of Copenhagen. Movement and play are prioritised in the establishment as a source of vitality, health and development. The aim is for the children to learn, interact and find their own role within the community. The freshly renovated nursery provides a suitable framework for this objective. The building dates back to 1973 and has now been comprehensively renovated by TVEDE architecture and engineering office.

In the course of the structural restoration, only the external walls and the roof were retained. A completely new floor plan was created within the building, perfectly reflecting the requirements of a modern nursery school. The visual appearance gives rise to a warm and inviting atmosphere, with wood and natural materials setting the tone of the rooms. The idea at the heart of the design concept was to create clearly marked areas for different uses. The “home” zones are used for quieter, calmer tasks, while the “community areas” come into play for workshops and group activities.

The different zones can be seen at first glance: Naturecore, a wood-look linoleum in plank format, has been laid in the cosy areas, while a light grey linoleum with a metallic sheen has been selected for the community rooms. Architect Morten Chammon drew inspiration for the floor from the new DLW Linoleum Scandinavian Collection. The aim was to give the rooms a Scandinavian look and feel, and the new range of linoleum with all of its shades of grey offered the right looks.

In the community rooms, Lino Art Alumino was chosen. This is a light grey linoleum with sparkling flakes of real metal. In a conscious contrast to this, the wooden appearance of the light-coloured Scandinavian Pine gives a comfortable, homely atmosphere. Naturecore shows off its advantages to the full in the nursery: the printed linoleum is not only robust, easy to clean and warm underfoot, it is also pure nature. The linoleum core consists of the natural raw materials linseed oil, wood flour, resin and limestone – meaning that Naturecore is completely free from PVC and plasticisers.

It is precisely for these reasons that linoleum is highly regarded as flooring for nurseries and schools. The durable natural flooring has proved its worth and is available in many subtle and some striking patterns, as well as powerful, rich colours and also numerous elegant shades of grey. Both DLW Linoleum and Naturecore carry the Blue Angel eco label.

Naturecore Sockelleisten 1130-101
Scandinavian Pine select
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Lino Art Alumino LPX 172-081
 alumino asphalt grey
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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Denmark / Birkerød
Architect: TVEDE – Rådgivende Ingeniører ApS
Address: Nørrevang 45-47, 3460 Birkerød, Dänemark
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