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With a penthouse view of Innsbruck, the Kidsarena is situated on the third upper-floor of the city’s Sillpark shopping centre. Its event areas and spaces encourage children to discover new things, romp around and play, while also providing them with enough room to retreat. The basis is a floor plan featuring a flowing sequence of multi-use rooms.
As well as designing and constructing the shopping centre, ATP Architects and Engineers were also charged with designing Kidsarena, the project’s kindergarten facility, which includes direct access to a playground on the roof terrace. The latter is 360 sq metres (ca. 3,875 sq ft) and the kindergarten itself occupies another 400 sq metres (ca. 4,300 sq ft). Open interior spaces are complemented with broad bands of sub-roof windows and wide doorways, providing countless visual references and encouraging intergroup communication.
With their diversity of character, the various zones of the Kidsarena offer the youngsters numerous means of self-identification, while stimulating their senses and imaginations. "We developed a sophisticated colour scheme based on the use of different flooring colours," says Veronica Mair, the responsible project manager at ATP. “We used these colours to distinguish the areas from one another, while at the same time creating a harmonious flow between them."
Children attending the facility are able to experience the beneficial effects of warm and cool colour tones. “In the course of selecting materials, we put a great deal of emphasis on using those that are natural and toxic-free,” elaborated Mair. “We chose linoleum due to its natural — and for that matter, biodegradable — composition of linseed oil, natural resins, cork granulate and jute”.
The kindergarten was laid with roughly 400 sq meters (4,300 sq ft) of Armstrong DLW Linoleum Colorette flooring in five distinct colours. Large circular inlays intersperse the flooring surfaces, or are used to create transitions between the zones. In order to draw the youngsters away from the entrance and hallways, these spaces are floored in dark grey with light grey circles.
The playrooms, meanwhile, are very brightly coloured, with Colorette flooring in Sunny Yellow and Orange. In the sports and climbing rooms, a more calming blue floor colour was used. The linoleum reverts to a restrained dark grey in the kitchen and dining room, which is starkly contrasted by pea green kitchen cabinetry.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Austria / Innsbruck
Client: Sillpark
Architect: ATP Architekten und Ingenieure
Address: Innsbruck, AUT
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