Kindergarten Terenten / IT


The place where this new nursery has been built in South Tyrol
is characterised by the overlaps, similarities and differences
between three cultures – German, Italian and Ladin. This heterogeneity
is evident in the nursery‘s architecture. Apart from
mirroring the status quo, the building also serves as a vehicle
for dialogue between the three cultures. The nursery adapts
cleverly to the given topography. Nestling on a slope, the building
becomes part of the landscape. The nursery consists of
three distinct structures whose scale alludes to the structure of
a village. These structures represent the core of the architects‘
design rationale for the nursery, according due consideration
to the children‘s perceptions and identity. Traditional architectural
elements from the surrounding area which the architects
deemed worthy of preserving have been incorporated into the
design in a contemporary interpretation. The three structures
are of different heights and are interconnected by light and airy glazed intermediate zones. All group rooms at the nursery
face southwards, while the rooms intended for physical activity
face onto the pedestrian zone to the north or to the west. The
design allows for a high degree of flexibility and the rooms take
on a hybrid character, serving as both a stage and a retreat.
Through their architecture, feld72 architekten seek to create
rooms with an “anything can happen” air, encouraging activity,
orientation and communication while also fostering the
children‘s sense of community and aesthetic sensibilities.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Italy / Terenten
Client: Gemeinde Terenten, Südtirol, I
Architect: Feld72, Wien, A
Address: St. Georgstraße 3, Terenten, Südtirol, I
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