Kindergarten Weiach / CH


The little ones at the kindergarten in Weiach can look forward to a colourful, stimulating voyage of discovery every day. L3P Architects have created an extraordinary children's world in the Swiss municipality: The soft faux grass facade is a top-class haptic experience, light and bright DLW linoleum:

In the Swiss community of Weiach, the Regensberg-based firm of architects L3P planned an extraordinary kindergarten that would take its young pupils on a brightly-coloured voyage of sensory discovery, day after day. From the outside, the child-friendly façade, clad with soft, colourful artificial turf, invites pupils to investigate the building using their sense of touch.

There are five structures of varying sizes set at different angles to one another and interlocking, so that inside the building, a flowing sequence of individual rooms is created around a central atrium. Starting at the entrance and cloakroom, short flights of stairs gently lead the children upwards and downwards via the kindergarten room, the play area and the equipment room, eventually leading to the group room at the top. Various lines of sight and large window openings allow exciting views into, through and out of the areas on this journey.

However, the tour truly becomes a visual discovery trail thanks to the different colour schemes in the individual rooms. These are decorated in powerful, vibrant colours: in lime green, sunshine yellow and sky blue, or in poppy red, fresh pink and purple tones – from the ceiling to the floor, including the walls and built-in shelving. Here the architects selected DLW Linoleum from Armstrong in Colorette colours that were perfectly tailored to each room: lime green, banana yellow, poppy blue with power red, kumquat orange, cadillac pink and melrose violet.

However, DLW Linoleum not only looks superb, but also offers a range of functional benefits. Linoleum feels pleasantly warm on the feet,is non-slip, flexible and hard-wearing – ideal for areas where children spend their time playing, running around or riding on toy cars. What is more, DLW Linoleum consists of 98% natural raw materials: linseed oil, natural resins, jute, limestone, wood flour and cork flour. All the components used are harmless for humans and even comply with the stringent requirements of the European standard for toys (EN 71). When it comes to cost-effectiveness, this natural product with the Blue Angel environmental mark stands out due to its low maintenance costs, robustness and long usage life. Thanks to its special surface treatment with the LPX finish, DLW Linoleum is also easy to clean and maintain.


Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Switzerland / Weiach
Client: Primarschule Weiach
Architect: L3P Architekten
Address: Schulstrasse, 8187 Weiach/CH
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