Kinderhaus St. Hedwig Stuttgart / DE


It’s every child’s dream come true: spending the whole day in
a tree house. The new “Kinderhaus” in Stuttgart is situated in a
leafy residential area with detached houses and mature trees.
The architect’s design keeps to the surrounding layout of open
perimeter blocks. This creates an outdoor play area in the
inner courtyard of the block, while the building itself serves as
a noise barrier to the adjacent road and railway line.
The administrative areas are located on the ground floor. This
has an open-plan design, offering a high level of transparency
from the street towards the inner courtyard with its terraced
Rooms for group activities are facing north towards the outdoor
play area, and each room also has its own outdoor space
in the form of individual atrium terraces. Low windows give
children visual access to the outside play area. The rooms on
the raised upper floor are at the same level as the surrounding tree canopies, giving the impression of being in a tree house.
This association is reinforced by the timber façade. All rooms
have access to natural daylight through skylights and atriums.
A multifunction room with its own entrance area, kitchen
and WC can be separated off from the children’s nursery by
means of a moveable partition wall and used independently.
Room sizes for the group activity rooms are also flexible, as
these can be combined with the smaller group rooms via large
sliding doors. Carefully placed colour highlights in combination
with bright natural colours on the ceilings and walls create a
friendly, cheerful environment for children and staff.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Germany / Stuttgart
Client: Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Hedwig, Stuttgart, D
Architect: Günter Hermann Architekten, Stuttgart, D
Address: Probststraße 41, Stuttgart, D
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