Kita Göttingen / DE


The day-care centre in Göttingen displays an exemplary
respect for its setting. In the interest of the flora and fauna
at the campus, not to mention the native common hamster,
the new building subscribes to the principles of post-fossil

Typical of this climatic zone are an opening-up to the south,
a closed design to the north and maximum insulation allround.
The centre‘s design effectively reconciles the building
structure and the landscape. To the north and west the
fan-like floorplan merges into a hill, while the full scale of the
building emerges on the south side. Room-high windows on
the front façade allow copious daylight into the building and
provide for a fluid transition into the outside environment. In
order to provide daylight in the rear area of the centre as well,
the building incorporates skylights. The building‘s entrance
on the eastern side utilises the existing infrastructure of the surrounding buildings and further enlivens the locale.
The principle of geothermal cooling, modelled on the behaviour
of desert-dwelling creatures, has been applied in the
building. The architects have striven to design a “thermally
self-regulating” building with a “pleasant and cosy feeling”.
This is achieved by collecting, storing and subsequently
releasing the daytime solar energy and night-time cold as required.
The prefabricated walls and ceilings were assembled
on-site as part of a modular system. The heights of the rooms
determine their specific usages: the low rooms accommodate
the ancillary and engineering rooms and WCs, while
the higher rooms serve as living areas and bedrooms for the
children and the play corridor functions as a communicative
connecting element.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Germany / Göttingen
Architect: Despang Architekten
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