Le Corbusier Haus Berlin / DE


In 1957, Le Corbusier (1887-1965) created the third example of his habitation” residential design concept in Berlin Charlottenburg district, for the "Interbau" architecture exhibition. The influential architect constructed the 17-storey high-rise on a hill near the Olympic Stadium. His style is unmistakeable: linear, practical and functional. In 1979, the 530 rental flats were converted to owner-occupied ones, with Benedikt Hotze acquiring his in 2011. This architectural journalist soon decided that his flat should revert to the artistic vision of its original construction era. Berlin-based architect Kathrin Bunte undertook the planning and supervision of the renovation.
The flat, having been altered since construction, underwent a three-month transformation back into a 1950s-style home. A narrow hallway leads to both the kitchen and the living room. The enclosed bathroom is accessed through the living room, from which bulky furnishings have been removed. The original dividing wall between living room and kitchen was also reconstructed, including a sliding window popularly known as a “shashlik window”, characteristic of the era, and now serving once again as a convenient pass-through. A balcony with a view over Berlin runs the full width of the flat. The new furniture is entirely in tune with Le Corbusier’s original concept: simple, angular and functional.
Underneath the living room's modern plastic laminate flooring, comprehensive renovations revealed the originally installed DLW Linoleum Uni Walton: a treasure from the construction period. "We were naturally thrilled by this find,â" reports the architect Kathrin Bunte, "and had it professionally restored. At the same time, this dark green flooring became a leitmotif for the rest of the renovation."
To complement this historical linoleum flooring, the architect and the owner (Benedikt Hotze) selected new DLW Linoleum for the kitchen and hallway: Uni Walton in midnight blue. Then, to optically enlarge the hallway, its wall paint was precisely colour-matched to a sample of the flooring. Finally, a smooth transition from wall to floor was ensured by eschewing the use of skirting boards.
The plain-coloured linoleum flooring lend the rooms an overall mood of calm and coherence. A harmonious interplay of old and new has been created. This Corbusier flat clearly demonstrates the longevity and durability of DLW Linoleum. Its largely natural material composition has remained the same to this very day.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Berlin
Client: Benedikt Hotze
Architect: Kathrin Bunte
Address: Flatowallee 16, 14055 Berlin, Deutschland
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