Museum Gunzenhauser Chemnitz / DE


Since December 2007, the large collection of paintings owned by the Munich art collector Dr. Alfred Gunzenhauser can be admired in Chemnitz. The new home of the almost 2,500 works of art is the Savings Bank building on Stollberger Straße which was designed by Fred Otto in the style of the New Objectivity. The Berlin architects’ office Staab Architekten took the building back to its static structure – outside walls, weight-bearing supports, ribbed ceilings and reinforced staircases – and with few formal interventions converted it into a museum. Into the perforated façade of light travertine, the architects inserted illuminated showcases with large-format portraits of well-known artist which make the new function of the building visible from afar. Inside, the visitors are welcomed by a 2,300-square-metre exhibition space on four floors flowingly connected by bold red cascade stairs.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Chemnitz
Client: Stiftung Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz, D
Architect: Fred Otto, Chemnitz, Deutschland; Umbau 2008: Volker Staab, Staab Architekten
Address: Stollberger Straße 2, Chemnitz, Deutschland
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