Musterhaus am Horn Weimar / DE


The Model House Am Horn was built in summer 1923 as a model house for the major Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar. The impulse had come from the Thuringia Ministry of State which, three years after the founding of the Bauhaus – a school with, at the time, a worldwide unique pedagogic concept – demanded of Walter Gropius, the head of the school, to see results. While the Model House Am Horn was designed under the direction of Georg Muche (the youngest Bauhaus master and head of the weaving workshop), the Baubüro Gropius was in charge of the practical realisation. Although the Model House Am Horn was planned as the prototype for the founding of a whole housing development for the members of the Bauhaus, it remained the only object constructed in Weimar during the time of the Bauhaus. In the middle of the square floor plan is the central living room. Around it, eight smaller secondary rooms are arranged. These rooms can be either accessed through the main room or are interconnected. The living room is only in contact to the outside space in the area of the work niche and is otherwise lit by a skylight of frosted glass. In order to hold its own as a test object, in 1923 the building was equipped with the latest technical standards and the furnishing was manufactured as a collaboration of all Bauhaus workshops according to the design by students and masters. Two kinds of floor coverings were used in the house: rubber in the dining room and the bathroom as well as Triolin– as a cheap substitute for linoleum – in the rest of the rooms. In the course of the renovation in 1998/99, the Weimar architects’ office Schettler & Wittenberg restored the house, which had been repeatedly converted over the years, to its original state from the year 1923 where the design was concerned, and replaced the today no longer available Triolin with linoleum in corresponding colours.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Weimar
Client: Land Thüringen, Deutschland
Architect: Georg Muche ( Entwurf); Baubüro Gropius (Ausführung)
Address: Am Horn 61, Weimar, Deutschland
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