Nationalstadion Peking / CHN


After a construction period of three and a half years, on
18th April 2008 the National Stadium in the northern part of
Beijing was inaugurated with an athletics competition. Already
in 2002, the Basel architectural office Herzog & de
Meuron had won the international competition for building
the stadium, yet the construction was not started until
2005. As regards urban development, the stadium as well
as the neighbouring Olympic Pool are located on one of
the most important axes through the city, the Imperial Axis.
The two sports facilities in the Olympic Grounds extend the
route on which, in the city centre, are such famous landmarks
as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square as well as
the Mao Mausoleum. The new stadium has become a symbolic
building of the city with millions of inhabitants; at
least, the people of Beijing have already found a nickname
for the building which is 320 metres long, 300 metres wide and 70 metres high and has a distinctive steel façade: the
Bird’s Nest. The exterior steel network was welded together
on site from numerous pre-fabricated components – all
in all, 42,000 tons of steel were used. The steel network not
only serves as the façade, it also roofs over the stadium:
the free spaces between the steel braces were filled on the
outside with ETFE foil and on the inside with acoustic membranes,
only an oval in the middle was left open. During the
Olympic Games, the inner reinforced-concrete bowl which,
to lessen the tensions, is not connected with the outside
shell, seated 91,000 guests on three tiers – after the event,
the number was reduced to 80,000. As the accentuating
colour, red was used in the whole stadium: red chairs, walls
and glass parapets create an attractive contrast to the
colours of the materials steel and concrete as well as to the
grey linoleum floor of the traffic areas.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: China / Peking
Client: National Stadium, Peking, CHN
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, CHN
Address: Beicheng East Road, Chaoyang District, Peking, CHN
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