North Star School Frederikshavn / DK


When building a new school in Frederikshavn, Denmark, the goal was “three in one”: around 1,200 pupils from three different schools were to unite under one roof. Arkitema Architects met this challenge with an unique solution that gave the school a star-shaped floor plan.
Completed in 2013, the “Nordstjerneskolen” offers two floors for older pupils and one floor for younger ones, with a total area of 13,500 m². The star-shape of this building allows for the creation of customized learning environments for each age group. Architect Pernille Østergaard Svendsen, the project’s creative director, explains: “The building has five arms, each accommodating two year levels, giving them their own ‘small schoolhouse’ within the larger complex.” Furthermore, no room resembles another – every classroom has its own colour identity and furniture concept. The building’s intelligent architecture lets each colourful room receive direct daylight and natural ventilation. In the semi-enclosed spaces between the building’s arms, the architects have installed the school’s playgrounds and sports fields.
The centre of the star contains a common area for all year levels. Conceived by the architects as the school’s central “dynamo”, a bright red sculptural pyramid rises from the ground with broad steps for sitting on. These provide a popular gathering place during breaks. This structure also integrates part of the school library as well as individual work spaces. The surrounding arcades feature vividly colourful niches, each with a different design, used for relaxing, chatting or studying. To complement the school’s colourful design concept, Armstrong DLW Linoleum in nine different colour tones has been installed throughout the entire building, including over 13,000 m² of our classic Marmorette, with its fine, directionless and uniform marbling in orange, yellow, violet and grey, along with Colorette in a brilliantly vivid red and Linodur in a refreshing green.
DLW Linoleum is not only appreciated for its aesthetics, but also for its technical properties. For example, it is extremely tough and abrasion-resistant, giving it a long service life. School floorings need to be particularly robust, in order to survive everyday mechanical stresses caused by children and teachers, as well as teetering chairs and dropped school satchels. Linoleum is also slip-resistant and absorbs impacts, whether it be during hallway races or classroom frolics. Armstrong applies a high-quality LPX coating, making it even easier to keep clean and hygienic, with no problems in removing watercolours and similar stains. This saves time, energy and water, thus considerably reducing everyday maintenance costs.
DLW Linoleum is made of natural, primarily renewable raw materials, such as linseed oil, wood flour, chalk, jute, resin and cork. As part of a healthy living environment, it satisfies the stringent requirements of European toy safety standards and has been awarded many ecolabels, including the “Blue Angel” and the Nordic “Swan” Ecolabel.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Denmark / Frederikshavn
Client: Gemeinde Frederikshavn, DK
Architect: Arkitema Architects
Address: Olfert Fischersvej, Frederikshavn
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