Plaza Ecopolis Madrid / ES


On the edge of Madrid, in a no-man’s-land between industry and heavy traffic, the young architects of Ecosistema Urbano have created a small paradise for children – sunny yellow interiors and exteriors.
With this building, the architects also succeeded in achieving Spain’s highest eco-label, Grade A.
Even from a distance, the kindergarten radiates a friendly sunny yellow. Despite the three-storey building’s massive construction and exposed concrete, it manages to blur the line between architecture and nature. The facility’s architects carefully designed its topography to create an artificial oasis. The pond contains a macrophyte system that naturally purifies the building’s wastewater, thus contributing to sustainability. The architects put more than half of the building underground. As a result, the kindergarten profits from geothermal effects for both heating and cooling. On top of that, free solar heating is delivered by the south façade’s of double-glazed windows. Inside the building, open recesses in the walls and ceilings create focussed sources of daylight, while also providing necessary ventilation and evaporative cooling.
Exposed concrete, cables and pipes, as well as steel staircases and railings, may lend an industrial character at first. But the light grey of the interior’s walls and ceilings are also accentuated with yellow highlights in diverse forms.
Armstrong’s DLW Linoleum harmonizes well with the kindergarten’s environmentally conscious master plan. In light grey and vivid yellow, the flooring also harmonizes well with the colour scheme of the surrounding architecture, while elegantly complementing the colourful furnishings. Last but not least, linoleum’s technical characteristics were also a convincing argument, because kindergarten flooring needs to be robust, to successfully withstand the mechanical stresses of scampering pirates and princesses, trundling Bobby Cars and collapsing building blocks.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Spain / Madrid
Client: Gemeinde Rivas Vaciamadrid, Madrid
Architect: Ecosistema Urbano Architects
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