Sanatorium Dr. Barner Braunlage / DE


The Dr. Barner Sanatorium in Braunlage is one of the most significant still conserved Art Nouveau buildings in Germany. In the year 1900, philologist and physician Dr. Friedrich Barner purchased two villas built in the wood construction typical of the region and located above the town centre and there opened the “Convalescents’ Home for the Upper Classes”. Among the patients looking for cure and recovery was in 1904 also Albin Müller, professor for interior design and the science of forms at the Magdeburg School for Applied Arts and later the head of the artists’ colony Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt. Having become friends during his stay with the director of the sanatorium paid off for the architect: Friedrich Barner commissioned him to build an annex. With the distinguished central structure, completed in 1914, Albin Müller turned the existing villas into a threewing complex. The true characteristic of the sanatorium, however, only becomes manifest in the interior: the whole interior design including furniture, wood fittings, staircases, wall coverings, wallpapers, luminaires, tableware and cutlery was created by Albin Müller in the style of the late Art Nouveau and is for the major part conserved until today. Each room impresses with a special canon of materials and colours. In addition to materials such as marble and solid wood, above all the, at the time, new linoleum was installed: not only many floor areas but walls as well were equipped with linoleum, the so-called Lincrusta wallpaper. Over and above the hygienic advantages the material offered, the aesthetics as well was not neglected: thanks to the inlay process, where coloured and ornamental patterns are inserted into the linoleum floor, very individual designs after sketches by Albin Müller could be produced for the floors and ceilings of the sanatorium.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Culture
Country/City: Germany / Braunlage
Client: Dr. Friedrich Barner, Braunlage, D
Architect: Albin Müller
Address: Dr. Barner-Straße 1, Braunlage, Deutschland
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