Schulmensa zum Grauen Kloster Berlin / DE


The grammar school “zum Grauen Kloster” uses an ensemble
of buildings that has grown over time. It consists of a listed
main building from the 1920s and extensions from the 1960s
and 1990s which were carefully designed to form a unit. The
new canteen is a 2-storey, solitary block, in keeping with the
height of the surrounding residential buildings. Equally, its
north front picks up the line of the adjacent buildings. This
creates a large outdoor space to the south and east, adjoining
the school garden. All building services are independent of the
main school buildings and the entire building has been designed
to optimise energy efficiency. The timber-clad northfacing
wall is windowless and accommodates the service
areas. The south-west façade, on the other hand, has generously
sized windows creating high-quality spaces with views
towards the verdant school garden. To enjoy their school
lunches, the students have to cross the schoolyard. In the evening, however, the building can be accessed directly from
the street, without having to enter the school grounds at all. The
entrance to the east is marked by a continuous glazed front.
On warm days, access is also possible via the full-length patio
doors to the south. The second floor accommodates additional
rooms, such as a library and two study rooms for flexible use by
the students.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Germany / Berlin
Client: Schulstiftung der EKBO, Berlin, D
Architect: RozynskiSturm, Berlin, D
Address: Salzbrunner Straße 41-47, Berlin, D
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