Seniorenzentrum Haus Wagnergasse Schwalmstadt-Treysa / DE


In idyllic Schwalmstadt, in North Hesse, since late summer 2008 old people and those in need of care can live in the city centre. The Hessian Diakoniezentrum Hephata commissioned Zaeske + Partner Architekten from Wiesbaden to design an ensemble of buildings consisting of a nursing home and a residential building for assisted living. The building task included two new buildings and the renovation of a half-timbered house, all directly in the old centre of Schwalmstadt-Treysa. The central structure of the ensemble is the three-storey nursing home with a total of 34 patients’ rooms which are on the two upper floors and form two residential units. The living concept, with private rooms and projecting living areas with balconies where the residents can meet, perfectly satisfies the individual need for privacy or companionship. The direct connection between the care rooms and the living quarters makes for short routes. The large hall in the centre with a dining area and a kitchen, where meals delivered from outside are distributed, is the meeting point for the residents. From the dining tables right at the façade, the everyday goings-on in the streets of Treysa can be watched. On the ground floor of the nursing home, in addition to a spacious reception there is also the office with changing rooms for the staff as well as a conference room. A multi-function common room with bathroom facilities, a kitchen and an oratory adjoins the entrance hall. In the common room, courses or festivities can be organised. A direct passage to the exterior space also makes events outside possible. Between the three buildings there are public and semi-public spaces where the residents may receive guests, rest or play boules.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Healthcare
Country/City: Germany / Schwalmstadt-Treysa
Client: Hephata-Hessisches Diskoniezentrum e.V., Schwalmstadt-Treysa, D
Architect: Wolfgang Zaeske, Zaeske + Partner Architekten BDA
Address: Rosengasse 11, Schwalmstadt-Treysa , Deutschland
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