Stadtbibliothek Burg Sobelsav / CZ


“Arisen from ruins” could be a suitable title for this rejuvenated
late mediaeval building, which had fallen into disrepair through
centuries of neglect. Initial attempts to bring it back to life were
made in the 1990s, starting with reconstruction of the decaying
roof structure and collapsed external walls. Gradually, the
building was regaining its shape and the project of integrating
the public library in the reclaimed structure could begin in
The project brief posed two important challenges: one was to
create a link between the pedestrianised residential area and
the town centre; the other was the issue of how to connect
the old mediaeval structure with the new library building. The
architects came up with a very successful “plug-in” solution
to join the old and the new. A glass core was “slotted” into the
old building, accommodating the 35,000 library books while
also functioning as a structural support for the mediaeval frame surrounding it. The modern tract is completely autonomous,
with its own building services and microclimate. This
“plug-in” approach ensures that the temperature and humidity
of the old structure remains unchanged, thereby safeguarding
its integrity.
The library roof is accessible, allowing views of the building
from new and unexpected angles. The glass tract gives the
impression of being completely separate, as though it could be
removed from the building at any time, leaving the Gothic
structure free to be used for an entirely new purpose again –
which is just the effect the architect intended to achieve.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Office
Country/City: Czechia / Sobelsav
Client: Mesto Sobeslav, CZ
Architect: Ateliér Krocˇák, Ceské Budejovice, CZ
Address: Horní príkopy 76, Sobeslav, CZ
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