Technische Universität Prag / CZ


The new Technical University building in Prague closes the
last gap in the original masterplan drawn up in 1924 by
Professor Engel. The architect’s objective was to create a relaxed
campus atmosphere. The building is based on a simple
geometric layout with an L-shaped footprint. The two flanks
of the building embrace a square, where a tall column marks
the main entrance. The red-brick façade switches to concrete
on the entrance side. Concrete and bands of windows
structure the façade horizontally. To accommodate the auditoriums,
three large, brightly coloured blocks protrude from the
back of the building. Their aluminium cladding in bright
orange, deep red and purple deliberately creates a stark contrast
to the red of the brick façade above. The interior of the
building, too, makes use of strong, bold colours. Lift shafts
and washrooms, for example, are highlighted in different colours.
The building is a concrete reinforced construction with single-span ceilings and is ventilated via three atrium courtyards,
with supplementary air conditioning at night during
the summer months. Artificial lighting is computer-controlled
and the entire building utilises smart building technology for
energy efficiency.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Czechia / Prag
Client: Technical University Prague, CZ
Architect: Šrámková Architekti, Prag, CZ
Address: Zikova 4, Prag 6, CZ
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