Universität Navitas Aarhus / DK


Architectural hub
Aarhus is the site of Denmark’s biggest container port. The north harbour, with around one square kilometre of industrial wasteland, has been undergoing comprehensive revitalization since 2003. Now there is another spectacular edifice on the waterfront promenade: Navitas, an interdisciplinary education, research and business centre for energy and environmental technologies, which opened in summer 2014.

With ca. 38,000 m2, Navitas houses part of the Aarhus University School of Engineering, the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, and the INCUBA Science Park, which has around 180 offices. Over 2700 students, teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs are working here under one roof. The motivating goal is to create a symbiosis of education, research and business. This “architectural hub” of the sciences was designed by the architects Kjaer & Richter along with Christensen & Co. The long-term goal for Navitas is to develop into an international centre for science and innovation.

Inspired by the building’s usage concept, its silhouette resembles a star, with boldly projecting pointed corners symbolizing the various disciplines, and its central area the interdisciplinary synergies. The seven-storey building then presents an interior that is flooded with light, with lines that are sleek and geometrical. While the building’s core is dominated by exposed concrete and neutral tones of white and grey, the rest of the facility features colours based on the NCS system. For example, the northern part of the building complex has blue colour accents, while the southern part has red ones.

Today, Navitas is already considered a Danish beacon for energy-efficient construction and the development of sustainable energy technologies: it is the largest low-energy building in the country. Harmonizing perfectly with the architecture’s sustainable concept, DLW Linoleum floorings from Armstrong were installed across large parts of the building. In fact, linoleum is a natural product consisting almost entirely of natural raw materials, of which over 80% is even renewable, with linseed oil, tree resin, cork, sawdust and powdered chalk kneaded together and rolled onto a jute backing layer. This produces a natural flooring that boasts an exemplary carbon footprint and has been awarded many different ecolabels, including the German “Blue Angel” and the Nordic “Swan” label.

A total of 26,000 m2 of environmentally friendly DLW Linoleum, featuring “Made in Germany” quality, was installed in the building’s class rooms and hallways. To complement the colour concept, DLW Marmorette linoleum was chosen in grey, red, blue and green tones. With its fine, even, non-directional marbling, this flooring appears smooth and calming, thus offering an excellent alternative to monochrome floorings. Here, DLW Marmorette harmonizes perfectly with the interior design’s purist aesthetics, while also providing a contrasting accent.

DLW Linoleum is an ideal choice not only because of visual considerations, but also for its many functional advantages. This natural product is highly cost-effective, due to its low maintenance costs, great durability and long service life. With thousands of people coming and going every day, constantly tracking dirt and straining the facilities, one needs a very robust flooring that still looks great even after many decades. Another advantage is its quick and economical cleaning: thanks to its special surface treatment with LPX Finish, DLW Linoleum is not only extremely durable, but also very easy to clean and maintain.

Due to special requirements in terms of acoustics for educational buildings the product variant DLW Marmorette AcousticPlus was selected for its footfall sound reduction properties. Its construction combines linoleum with an under layer of foam, which reduces the footfall sound by up to 17 dB.

Further information

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Denmark / Aarhus
Client: INCUBA, Engineering College, Engineer School, Aarthus Municipality
Architect: Kjaer & Richter + Christensen & Co
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