Universitätsklinik Frankfurt am Main / DE


In 1901, the widow of Frankfurt banker Theodor Stern
donated 500 000 marks for medical research. The money
went into a research building of the University Clinic in
Frankfurt/Main on the present Theodor-Stern-Kai. A little
more than 100 years later, there is building activity again on
the same spot: Planned are the renovation and expansion
of the central building of the Frankfurt University Clinic from
1972. This became necessary since the existing building no
longer fulfilled the modern requirements of the operational
processes. An important goal of the conversion designed
by Nickl & Partner is the opening up of the
building complex towards the River Main. The main entrance
is now clearly marked by a projecting roof which
connects the buildings. At its end is the glazed entrance
hall leading to the new four-storey annex with almost
14 000 square metres of usable space. Towards the outside, the new building part presents itself as a compact
volume with a façade structured by horizontal bands. The
massive parapet areas and outside walls were given a
curtain-type, back-ventilated metal covering consisting of
aluminium panels. On the inside, the building is subdivided
by walled-in gardens which provide daylight to the
lower levels. Already completed are the new auditorium
building and the inter-disciplinary research building. The
conversion of the central building with its high-rise which
defines the silhouette of the clinic is to be finished in the
year 2010. In this way, the legacy of Theodor Stern is
honoured after 109 years.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Healthcare
Country/City: Germany / Frankfurt am Main
Client: Universitätsklinik Frankfurt/Main
Architect: Nickl & Partner, München
Address: Theodor Stern-Kai 7, Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland
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