Universitätsklinikum Leipzig / DE


Over the past five years, the Leipzig University Hospital, located within walking distance to the city centre, has been supplemented with two hospitals and an administration centre. The extensive project was realised by the architectural office woernerundpartner, which won a competition in 2003. On Liebigstraße, the four- to five-storey buildings now gently insert themselves into the context of the urban development and thus turn the to date inconspicuous street into a pedestrian-friendly boulevard which serves as the main access to the hospital and joins the individual building parts into a campus.

The historic building of the Old Surgery Ward was integrated into the main façade of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and now serves as its entrance. The heart is the three-storey hall which is the reception, the lounge as well as the access area, with waiting zones and a café. This part was enlivened in many ways by the designers, such as for instance with a striking giant lizard and a colossal sculpture hanging from the ceiling which is used as a projection screen. Inside the hospital, linear access zones produce clearly structured work areas and so-called floating zones: they make it possible to combine several wards and thus react to the actual number of patients. The highly frequented areas with the treatment rooms are on the ground floor and were separated from the quieter nursing areas on the upper floors. The façade stands out due to its horizontal structuring with white plaster bands interspersed with sand- or brick-coloured plaster areas and upright anthracite aluminium windows.


Product: Linoleum
Segment: Healthcare
Country/City: Germany / Leipzig
Client: Universitätsklinikum Leipzig AöR, Leipzig, D
Architect: Woernerundpartner
Address: Liebigstraße, Leipzig, Deutschland
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