Vanlose School / DK


From 2010 to 2013, the Vanløse primary school in Copenhagen, Denmark, not only underwent a complete renovation, but also added a new building, all under the supervision of Kant Architects and Dorthe Mandrup Architects, who were sure to include the future users in the planning and construction phases. Regular consultations with school representatives gave the architects deeper insights into the specific needs of schoolchildren and teachers.

Fitting in with the school’s ecological profile, the new four-storey expansion was constructed according to low-energy standards: for example, solar panels were installed in its southern façade. The new building is situated between the old schoolhouse and the gym. The grounds feature new play and leisure areas, which are available not only for break time and after school, but also for open-air classes. There are many opportunities for discovery and learning, from the alphabet to the months of the year to the right angle. With a great eye for detail, the various zones have been organized into an interplay of forms and levels, on a variety of substrates.
The indoor floor design was also the object of special attention. A major highlight is the school hallways, decorated with large-scale inlaid floor motifs in Marmorette, the DLW Linoleum classic. These designs display important historical dates, mathematical equations, number series and even entire phrases. The different inlays use vibrant red, cheerful green and bright blue, set against a dark grey background. This makes even the most complicated formula easy to remember, eventually!


Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Denmark / Vanloese
Client: Stadt Kopenhagen
Architect: Kant Architects, Dorthe Mandrup Architects
Address: Aalekistevej 121, 2720 Vanloese, Dänemark
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