Wasserturm Leudelingen, LUX


The new water reservoir, the technical services and fire brigade
in Leudelange rises up like a sculpture. The design for this
large structure arose from the topography and the functional
requirements of the complex. For physical reasons, the first
water storage tank, with a capacity of 500 m³, is installed at a
height of almost 45 m above ground level. There is a second
tank, with a capacity of 900 m³, at a height of 11 m. Due to the
sloping terrain it was necessary to install the entrances to the
technical services building for the town of Leudelange, to the
store and to a second works building on two different levels.
The respective fair-faced concrete cubes join together to create
a complex entity. The building is visible from afar, serving
as a landmark whose presence extends far inland. The greentinted
glass is lit up at night, transforming the grey concrete
technical building of daytime into a location full of atmosphere.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Office
Country/City: Luxembourg / Leudelingen
Client: Administration Communale de Leudelange, LUX
Architect: Schemel Wirtz architectes, Luxembourg, LUX
Address: Leudelingen, LUX
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