Zentrum für Ausbildung im Gesundheitswesen Winterthur / CH


After realizing the Kranbahn project with city apartments, commercial use and offices some years ago, in 2008 a second stage of the competition was completed on the triangular lot between Turbinenstrasse and the residential complex in Katharina Sulzer Platz in Winterthur. Originally conceived for mixed use, a school project was realised for the Cantonal Department of Education in the form of a training centre in the health system. At the intersection of two former crane runways, the architects from MOKA in Zurich designed four structures of different lengths which were linked by access zones for the use as a school. Teaching and group rooms are located in the building ridges. On the ground floor, a plenary hall, a cafeteria and the library are grouped around a spacious foyer, while the offices of the school administration and the secondary rooms together with the access zone form the building’s back. This generous zone with single-flight, cascade-like staircases also serves as the break room and the communication zone. At the same time, thanks to the large-format glazing, the area is in dialogue with the outside space and the surroundings. The four structures were built in solid construction and surrounded with a metal façade which emphasises the industrial character of the site. Closed-end with the exception of a few window openings, on the long sides the buildings look even more horizontal thanks to bands of windows and thus contrast with the fully glazed access zones. The interior as well is simply and clearly structured: the colours black, silver and grey dominate and the materials concrete, linoleum and perforated sheet again refer to the former industrial character of the site.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: Switzerland / Winterthur
Client: Edu
Architect: Beat Küttel, Firma Kaufmann van der Meer + Partner AG
Address: Turbinenstraße 1, Winterthur, Schweiz
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